As a reputable airline operating for over 25 years, Air VIA now seeks opportunities to grow its business and fleet in new markets and set up new partnerships. In line with this, for example, 4 years ago Air VIA signed a partnership agreement with the owner of WOW Air (, and was instrumental in creating this Icelandic airline, for which it operated until January 2016 with a fleet of three aircraft under their livery.

The reputation and high professional standards of Air VIA were the key elements that made Air VIA attractive to WOW Air and we are of the opinion that this wet-lease model can be further developed through long-term joint ventures in other countries. Typically, airline clients (i.e. investors or airlines that want to expand) use our capacity and experience, under wet lease, to develop new markets, where a short/middle term wet-lease agreement has a far lower risk profile than the commitment to lease or purchase an aircraft while the market is being developed.

Depending on the market strategy, we could develop the partnership through a joint-venture (an airline with an AOC) based in Bulgaria. Likewise, if an airline wishes to expand its operations in Europe, the US and Africa, we could discuss a possible partnership with Air VIA.